The 5 Best Cheap Pomades

The 5 Best Cheap Pomades

I’ve decided to put together a list of 5 of the best cheap pomades that will keep your hair looking great without breaking the bank.

Pomade can get expensive, I have thick hair so I usually go through a jar every month. When styling my hair I need to apply a lot of product. Looking fresh can be a big investment, especially when you’re paying 20 bucks a pop.


Woody’s Pomade $10.74

best cheap pomades

Woody’s is a water based pomade that is designed for people with fine hair.

  • Appearance – There is low to medium shine depending on how wet your hair is when you apply it. However, the shine disappears throughout the day and you are left with a close to matte finish.
  • Hold – I would rate the hold as a medium, it isn’t as strong as some of the other pomades I’ve tried but I assume it is because it is made for people with finer hair instead of thick hair.
  • Application – The consistency is very smooth and can be applied evenly into my hair with little effort.
  • Scent – This smell from this pomade is one of my favorites. It has a light clean citrus scent and isn’t overbearing at all so I can pair it with a cologne.

Goon Grease $11.95

best cheap pomades

This is a heavy duty oil based pomade designed to shape thick hair

  • Appearance – There is a great deal of shine when you apply this pomade on your hair. Also, because it is an oil based pomade, your hair will be noticeably greasy and it can be difficult to wash out.
  • Hold – Out of all the best cheap pomades, Goon Grease definitely has the strongest hold. I used to have trouble keeping my hair in shape with other products but this pomade can hold your hair in place through a long day of activities.
  • Application – The application is surprisingly smooth and it is easy to apply to your hair evenly. Usually, oil based pomades are much thicker and can be difficult to apply properly.
  • Scent – A fresh smell with hints of cucumber that lasts throughout the day.

Smooth Viking $11.95

best cheap pomadesAn all around high quality pomade with a clean profile

  • Appearance – This product will leave your hair with a wet look and high shine. I enjoy pomades with more shine it looks more presentable in my opinion.
  • Hold – I would rate the hold as light to medium, if you have thick hair it may be best to choose a pomade with stronger hold like the oil based pomades I recommended.
  • Application – This pomade is moldable and you can use a comb or run your hands through your hair very easily to restyle it if it loses shape through the day.
  • Scent – The scent is not very strong, it has a fresh, clean smell that fades pretty quickly after applying. This is good if you like to wear cologne because the scents don’t clash.

Reuzel Blue $12.50

best cheap pomades

A water-based high shine, strong hold pomade that is easy to wash out

  • Appearance – If you’re looking for high shine then Reuzel Blue is the pomade for you. Out of all the best cheap pomades on my list, this one has the highest shine. Its appearance is like an oil based pomade without the grease.
  • Hold – I would rate the hold as a medium to strong hold, it is good enough for a day out.
  • Application – It’s super easy to apply this pomade evenly into my hair to style it.
  • Scent – This smells a bit like vanilla and it can be a bit strong so I don’t usually pair it with a cologne. But it is unique and masculine so it is a great replacement.

Reuzel Red $10.73

best cheap pomades

This pomade gets the job done for a cheap price

  • Appearance – This pomade gives your hair a good amount of shine depending on how wet your hair is before you apply it. It also fades throughout the day.
  • Hold – I would rate the hold as a medium to strong hold, it does the job and it lasts a few hours. For a stronger hold I would recommend using the pomade on your hair while it is dry
  • Application – It’s super easy to apply this pomade evenly into my hair to style it.
  • Scent – The smell is a bit sweet and fruity. I like that it isn’t overbearing but the smell lasts for a while and doesn’t completely fade like other pomades.

Final Thoughts

There are many options for the best cheap pomades. However, this is just a personal list of what I found to be the best value in terms of quality. The pomades on my list vary in hold and shine so you will have to decide what you’re looking for.