About Me

Having trouble with your hair?

Changing hairstyles and trying something new is much more difficult than you’d expect. For most of my life, I had a simple, easy to maintain style and I wasn’t very adventurous with my hair.

It was practical and it worked. However, eventually, I became bored with it and wanted to try something new.

I liked the look of the slick-back undercut, what I didn’t know was that I was in for some headache. After a year of trying different hair products and awkward hair styles, I’ve finally reached the point where I’m happy with my¬†hair.

There are many different factors in finding the style and pomade that is best for you. To prevent others from going through the same struggle I went through, I decided to write about my experiences.

PomadeSource is the source for all your questions about Pomade and related hair products and hairstyles. I am a pomade enthusiast who has first hand experience with many different kinds of pomades. All of the pomades that I review on this website have been personally tested in order to ensure quality.