Layrite Super Hold Review

The Layrite Super Hold is one of my favorite pomades out of all the products that I’ve tried. It has become my go to pomade for everyday use because it performs great in many different areas.

First Glance

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The first thing you notice when you open the container is the pleasant smell of vanilla. I like that the scent is not overbearing making it easy to pair with cologne. After a couple hours, the smell fades away, but don’t worry the hold will stay with you all day.



The consistency of the pomade is smooth and it is very easy to apply evenly into your hair. Many pomades with stronger holds are difficult to apply due to its thickness but that is not the case with Layrite. You’re going to want to apply this on dry hair for the maximum effect because it makes for a stronger hold. Layrite is also a water based pomade so you can use water to readjust your style throughout the day.

Layrite gives your hair a medium shine so your hair has the look of damp hair. It doesn’t give your hair the greasy slickback look but if that’s your style then this wouldn’t be the best pomade for you

It gives a strong hold that can easily last the whole day no matter what I’m doing as long as I don’t dive into a pool. I’ve played intense games of basketball, been bike riding and somehow my hair has held up. What I like about Layrite is that it does its job without being too thick or greasy.

Personally, I prefer more volume to my hair and less shine for a more casual look. The best way to do this is with the help of a hair dryer. After styling your hair set your hair dryer to low speed with high heat and gently run your fingers through your hair while blow drying it.

Final Thoughts
My current hairstyle is a comb back undercut and my preferences for a product is something with a medium shine and strong hold. Based on these qualities Layrite Super Hold is my favorite product to use. However, no pomade can be used for every situation so if you are in a similar situation than there is nothing better.

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