Where to Buy Suavecito Pomade

Where to Buy Suavecito Pomade

One of the questions I get asked the most is where to buy Suavecito Pomade. It’s one of my favorite pomades out there and I use it daily for my slick back hairstyle.

where to buy suavecito pomade
Note: This is not my picture, but this is what pomade can do to your hair! 

You may have had trouble finding out where to buy Suavecito Pomade because it isn’t available in any chain retail stores like Walmart or Target. Instead, you’re going to have to try asking around local barber shops to see if they carry it. My first introduction to pomades was through my barber who recommended something that matched my hairstyle and type.

If you’re having trouble finding any at your local barbershops you can also purchase it from Amazon.

There are two types of Suavecito pomades, a firm hold and original hold.

Firm Hold

where to buy suavecito pomade
where to buy suavecito pomade



If you have thick straight hair you’re definitely going to want to try Suavecito pomade. The firm hold is designed for shaping your hair into styles like the pompadour, slickback and combover.

Original Hold

where to buy suavecito pomade
where to buy suavecito pomade amazon button



If you have fine or thin hair it is better to try the regular hold because the firm hold is much thicker. With the original hold, you’ll be getting just the right amount of hold and shine.

Some reasons I would recommend Suavecito Pomade

  • Great hold that lasts throughout the day
  • Good amount of shine
  • Washes out easily with water
  • Smells great (Subtle masculine scent that smells like Coca-Cola)
  • Hair can be restyled easily with a bit of water

This pomade is considered a classic because of its versatility, it can be used for many different hairstyles and types. If you’re just getting into pomades I definitely recommend you try it. I hope my review was useful to you and gives you a better idea of where to buy Suavecito Pomade.

I’ve also written a post about the best pomades for Asian hair. Asian hair is known to be more stubborn and thicker than other hair types.

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